Atlantic Studies: Global Currents – Charting the Future. A Symposium
March 23-25, 2023
St. Louis University-Madrid Campus (Spain)

On the eve of the journal’s 20th anniversary in 2024, the Editors of Atlantic Studies: Global Currents, together with St. Louis University-Madrid, will convene a Symposium that aims to chart future directions for research on circumatlantic studies that engage the global in new and innovative ways. Envisioned as a meeting of established and rising scholars, the Symposium will provide a space for dialogue pointing to future areas of research and connections.

The Symposium will be structured as a seminar with 20-25 participants, whereby everyone will attend all sessions to create a dynamic exchange of ideas. All participants are required to submit their full papers a month before the beginning of the Symposium. These papers will be circulated, and everyone will read the essays before the event. At the Symposium, participants will present a 5 to 10-minute summary of their paper to allow ample time for discussion. After the discussions and possible revisions, the papers may be submitted to Atlantic Studies for publication in Volume 21 (2024).

Keynote Speakers: Hester Blum (Pennsylvania State University) and Ada Ferrer (New York University)

Topics include, but are not limited to:

• The Global Atlantic
• Oceanic Studies and/in the Atlantic
• Entanglements of the Pacific Ocean, the Pacific Rim, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic and Antarctic, and the Atlantic Ocean
• Global cultural production and circulation: literature, visual culture, music, dance, material culture
• Political and cultural processes, the impacts of globalization, markets, and communications
• Ecologies and extinction, including non-human actors (animals, environments, technologies, infrastructures)
• The public Atlantic: memories, museums, and memorializations
• Indigeneity, creolization, and mestizaje/métissage
• Colonizations, imperialisms, resistance, and their legacies
• Global cosmopolitanisms

Submission process:
October 1, 2022: Submission of 500-word abstracts, along with a 1-page CV, to Rocio G. Davis,
October 15, 2022: Participants informed of their acceptance.
February 1, 2023: Submission of full papers for circulation (required). Maximum 10,000 words including Notes and References.
April 30, 2023: Submission of final revised paper for review for publication. The submission must conform to the requirements of the journal stylesheet. Please note that submission does not guarantee publication, as the essay will be reviewed.

Funding: Pending final approval, we hope to cover all accommodation and meal costs and be able to offer travel funds for graduate students and participants from the Global South.

For more information:

Atlantic Studies Editors:

Manuel Barcia, University of Leeds
Emily Berquist Soule, California State University-Long Beach
Rocio G. Davis, Universidad de Navarra
Dorothea Fischer-Hornung, University of Heidelberg
Nathaniel Millett, St. Louis University
St. Louis University-Madrid (Local Organizer): Francisco Garcia Serrano

Contact Email:

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